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New Zealands National Distributor for GeoTrencher.

About GeoTrencher New Zealand – Elevating Trenching Excellence

Welcome to GeoTrencher New Zealand, your premier destination for cutting-edge trenching solutions. Nestled in the picturesque town of Warkworth, our mission is to provide the nation with top-of-the-line GeoTrenchers and GeoTrencher parts and supplies. At the heart of our story is a commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Our Roots: A Legacy of Innovation

GeoTrencher traces its origins to the visionary engineer Mike Smith, whose tireless dedication over 25 years has shaped the landscape of mini trencher attachments. In 2014, this passion led to the establishment of “GR Manufacturing” in collaboration with an American partner. Together, they birthed the revolutionary GeoRipper®, a mini trencher equipped with power disc cutters, designed to overcome the limitations of chainsaw-based trenchers.

Engineered Excellence: Power Disc Cutters vs. Chainsaws

Upon meticulous examination, the disparities between chainsaw engines and power disc cutter engines became evident. GeoRipper® harnessed the power of disc cutters engineered for uninterrupted operation, with superior air filtration systems specifically designed to combat abrasive elements like concrete dust. This strategic choice not only improved performance but also significantly reduced maintenance, setting a new standard in trenching technology.

Global Recognition: From Europe to New Zealand

The impact of GeoRipper® reverberated globally, earning accolades and captivating major telecom companies, landscapers, and irrigation specialists in Europe. In 2021, this success story evolved into GeoTrencher®, aligning seamlessly with international regulations and reinforcing our commitment to a global clientele.

Expanding Horizons: Stihl® Powerheads and Battery-Powered Innovations

In the same year, our product line expanded to include models compatible with Stihl® powerheads, such as the TS420 and TS500i, alongside existing offerings for Husqvarna and Makita. The GeoTrencher® family continued to grow, with 2023 marking a significant leap into the realm of battery-powered portable trenchers. The GeoTrencher Makita CE001GZ 80v Max emerged as a standout, showcasing innovation with a range of bar and chain options, solidifying our commitment to advancing trenching solutions.

Innovation Unleashed: Always Elevating the Bar

At GeoTrencher New Zealand, innovation and excellence are more than buzzwords – they are the cornerstones of our commitment to you. As we continue to evolve and expand our offerings, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey of pushing boundaries and elevating the bar for trenching solutions. Choose GeoTrencher® for a future where precision, power, and reliability converge seamlessly.

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