GeoCart – Makita

Item #: GRU-GCM

Connects effortlessly to your mini trencher, simplifying the trenching task.

GeoCart’s design ethos revolves around operational fluidity and convenience. Its user-friendly assembly and disassembly mechanisms enable effortless storage, even in confined spaces like vehicle rears, granting you unparalleled accessibility. This feature empowers you to explore remote locations, expanding your project horizons with ease and confidence.




Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the GeoCart arrives complete with an uncompromising heavy-duty padded towing belt. Engineered with both support and comfort in mind, this ergonomic towing belt ensures that your trenching pursuits are not only productive but also a breeze to carry out.

GeoCart’s engineering brilliance extends to its ingenious PPL locking mechanism, facilitating lightning-fast and robust connections and disconnections for your GeoTrencher. Say goodbye to hassle and embrace unparalleled efficiency as you effortlessly secure or release your GeoTrencher with the swift engagement of PPL locking.

The ethos of GeoCart is rooted in enhancing your operational fluidity. With a keen eye for practicality, GeoCart’s design embodies a spirit of rapid assembly and disassembly, catering to your need for efficient pack-down procedures. Imagine the freedom of effortlessly stowing away your GeoCart in confined spaces, such as the rear of a vehicle. This remarkable feature translates into unrivalled accessibility, empowering you to venture into remote locations with utmost ease. Your work can transcend boundaries, reaching places that were once considered beyond the realm of possibility.

GeoCart is your partner in making the previously inaccessible, accessible. Experience a paradigm shift in how you approach trenching tasks, armed with the fusion of innovation and convenience that only GeoCart can provide.

With GeoCart you can add stone deflectors (sold separately) :


Double-side stone deflector. This guard helps place stones closer to the trench for cleaner work. Fits on the GeoCart axle.

Mini Trencher hnz 009 300x239 1



Helps prevent uncontrolled stone ejection on the right side. Fits on the GeoCart axle.


Mini Trencher grpez 28 300x210 1



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