GeoTrencher – 500mm Trencher – Stihl TS800

Item #: GTS-TS800-500

GeoTrencher – 500mm Trencher – Stihl TS800

Unmatched power and precision are introduced with the GeoTrencher Stihl TS800. This cutting-edge trenching solution combines power, precision, and reliability with the advanced Stihl TS800 powerhead. Engineered to deliver exceptional performance, this trencher sets new standards for trenching operations across a variety of applications.



Key Features:

  • Highly Efficient Displacement: With a robust 98.5cc displacement, the Stihl TS800 ensures optimal performance, allowing for efficient trenching in diverse conditions.
  • Impressive Engine Power: Experience unparalleled power with the 5kW engine, providing the necessary force to tackle demanding trenching tasks effortlessly.
  • Precision in Depth: Achieve precise and consistent results with a maximum cutting depth of 150mm, ensuring accuracy in every trenching application.
  • Advanced 2-MIX Engine Technology: The incorporation of 2-MIX engine technology optimizes fuel consumption, reduces emissions, and enhances overall operational efficiency.
  • Semi-Automatic Belt Tensioning: Simplify maintenance procedures and improve operational efficiency with the semi-automatic belt tensioning feature, ensuring consistent belt performance.
  • Wear-Resistant Starter Cord: The retro-fit wear-resistant starter cord ensures reliable and effortless starts, reducing maintenance requirements and enhancing user convenience.
  • Versatile Power Source: Powered by petrol, the Stihl TS800 offers versatility and consistent performance, making it ideal for various trenching applications.

Technical Specifications:

  • Displacement (cc): 98.5
  • Engine Power (kW): 5
  • Total Weight (kg): [Weight Information Not Provided]
  • Max Cutting Depth (mm): 150
  • STIHL Engine Type: 2-MIX
  • Semi-Automatic Belt Tensioning: Yes
  • Wear-Resistant Starter Cord: Retro Fit
  • Power Source: Petrol


Embrace the future of trenching with the GeoTrencher – 500mm Trencher – Stihl TS800. With its advanced features, robust design, and unparalleled performance, this trencher ensures superior results, operational efficiency, and user satisfaction. Whether you’re tackling professional projects or demanding applications, the Stihl TS800 promises to deliver exceptional performance, reliability, and precision, making it a valuable addition to your equipment arsenal. Experience the difference with the Stihl TS800 and elevate your trenching endeavors to new heights of excellence.


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