GeoTrencher – 400mm Trencher – Makita 80V

Item #: GTS-Makita-CE00GZ01-400

GeoTrencher – 400mm Trencher – Makita 80V

Explore powerhouse precision with the Makita CE001GZ 80v Max, offering unparalleled power and precision with a choice between 400mm or 500mm bar lengths. Meticulously crafted for diverse trenching requirements, this robust machine ensures optimal performance in every operation.



  • Dual 40Vmax XGT Li-Ion Batteries: Harness the unparalleled power of two 40Vmax XGT Li-Ion batteries (sold separately), propelling the GeoTrencher Makita to new heights. This strategic integration ensures sustained performance, facilitating extended operational periods and minimizing downtime.
  • Twin 40v/80v XGT Brushless Technology: Experience the revolutionary Twin 40v/80v XGT Brushless technology, amplifying the GeoTrencher’s capabilities with a staggering 3,600 W of maximum output power. This cutting-edge technology guarantees reliable, robust, and efficient performance across various trenching applications, reaffirming the machine’s status as a true powerhouse.
  • Versatile Bar Lengths and Trenching Chains: Tailor your trenching experience with the GeoTrencher’s adaptability, offering a choice between 400mm or 500mm bar lengths complemented by 38mm width trenching chains. This versatility ensures optimal performance, accommodating diverse soil types, terrains, and project specifications with unparalleled precision.


Paired with the Makita 80V Powerhead, the 400mm trencher attachment empowers users to tackle trenching projects with precision, efficiency, and confidence. Whether navigating through compacted soils, challenging terrains, or intricate landscapes, this equipment remains steadfast, consistently delivering exemplary results.