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Effortlessly create trenches as wide as 56mm and as deep as 700mm in tough, compacted ground using The GeoTrencher.



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GeoTrenchers Trenching Chains - Engineered for Precision and Durability


Attach GeoTrencher To Your Existing Powerhead


Connects to your mini trencher, simplifying the trenching task.

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GeoTrencher New Zealand Sales & Support

Geotrencher Industries has just made its highly sought-after trencher products available in New Zealand for the very first time. Now, you have the opportunity to acquire one of these products with the assurance of local support directly from us. We proudly serve as New Zealand’s exclusive distributor and client support company, headquartered in Warkworth, providing assistance to clients across the nation.

Geo News - Trencher Talk

Why Choose GeoTrencher For Your Trenching projects?

When it comes to trenching projects, choosing the right equipment is paramount to ensuring efficiency, precision, and safety. Among the various options available, the geotrencher stands out as a superior choice for a multitude of reasons.

Speed and Efficiency

Geotrenchers are built for speed. Their powerful engines and advanced digging mechanisms allow them to complete trenching projects in a fraction of the time it would take with traditional methods like manual digging or excavators. This efficiency translates into significant cost savings and faster project completion.

Precision and Accuracy

Geotrenchers are specifically designed for trenching tasks, offering unmatched precision and accuracy. Whether you need a narrow trench for utility lines or a wider one for drainage, geotrenchers can deliver the exact dimensions required. This precision minimizes the risk of damage to existing infrastructure and ensures compliance with project specifications.


Geotrenchers are versatile machines capable of handling various soil types, including clay, rocky terrain, and sand. They can also adapt to different trench depths and widths, making them suitable for a wide range of applications, from laying pipelines and cables to creating irrigation ditches and foundation trenches.

Minimal Environmental Impact

Geotrenchers are designed to minimize disruption to the surrounding environment. Their narrow tracks and low ground pressure reduce soil compaction, preserving the integrity of the land. Additionally, their efficient digging process produces less waste, contributing to a greener construction approach.


Despite their advanced technology and capabilities, geotrenchers offer a cost-effective solution for trenching projects. Their efficiency reduces labor costs, fuel consumption, and maintenance expenses, making them a wise long-term investment.

New Zealand Made

By choosing New Zealand-made, you're not only acquiring a superior product but also supporting local communities and the growth of a vibrant, creative industry. Each purchase contributes to the continuation of a legacy that celebrates the unique culture and heritage of this remarkable country.


Frequently Ask Questions.

If you have additional inquiries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

A geotrencher is a specialized Trenching machine designed for digging trenches up tp 56mm wide and 700mm deep. It operates by using a cutting teeth to excavate soil or other materials and deposit them to the side of the trench.

Geotrenchers are versatile and can be used for a wide range of projects, including laying utility lines (such as water, gas, and electrical), creating irrigation ditches, installing drainage systems, and preparing foundations for buildings.

Geotrenchers offer several advantages, including faster excavation, greater precision, reduced labor costs, and less environmental impact. They are also well-suited for difficult terrain and can minimize disruption to existing infrastructure.

Factors to consider include the depth and width of the trench required, the type of soil or material to be excavated, the project's location and accessibility, and the machine's power and capabilities. Before purchasing please talk with our team first to find the best solution.

Operator safety is paramount. Our trenchers have a chain Guard and have a quick release cord on the on the GeoCart. Operators should receive proper training and follow safety guidelines and protocols.

Yes, regular maintenance is crucial to keep geotrenchers operating efficiently and safely. Maintenance tasks typically include checking moving parts, and replacing worn or damaged components. The manufacturer's recommendations should be followed for maintenance intervals.