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🚜 Exciting News from! Watch our Latest Video at Wellsford Golf Course! 🌿

Greetings, trenching enthusiasts! 🛠️ is thrilled to share an exclusive sneak peek into our latest trenching adventure at the picturesque Wellsford Golf Course in New Zealand. 🏞️ Watch the GeoTrencher in action as it effortlessly navigates and conquers the diverse conditions of this beautiful location.

📽️ Check out our New Video:

Operating in New Zealand Conditions:
The GeoTrencher is built tough to handle the rugged and varied terrains of New Zealand. From dense soils to challenging landscapes, this video showcases the machine’s incredible capabilities and efficiency. Whether it’s precision trenching or tackling the unexpected, GeoTrencher delivers optimal performance every time.


  • Witness the GeoTrencher’s agility and power in action.
  • Explore its versatility in adapting to the unique conditions of Wellsford Golf Course.
  • Learn how is setting new standards in trenching excellence.

👍 Why Choose GeoTrencher

  • Sturdy and reliable for all conditions.
  • Light and powerful, providing superior performance.
  • Long service intervals, reducing downtime.
  • Easy to start and operate, enhancing user experience.
  • Air Filtration and anti-vibration systems for comfort and efficiency. Explore, trench, conquer! 🌐🚀


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