GeoTrencher – 700mm Trencher – Makita EK8101

Item #: GTS-Makita-EK8101-700

GeoTrencher – 700mm Trencher – Makita EK8101

Unparalleled trenching mastery awaits with the GeoTrencher – 700mm Trencher – Makita EK8101, an engineering marvel meticulously crafted to redefine industry benchmarks. This powerhouse, paired with a 700mm long GeoTrencher trenching bar, guarantees superior performance, unparalleled precision, and unmatched reliability for effortless trenching operations.



  • Outstanding Fuel Efficiency & Capacity: Embark on extended trenching endeavors with confidence, courtesy of the Makita EK8101’s expansive 1.1-liter fuel tank capacity. Designed with impeccable precision, this machine ensures optimal fuel utilization, guaranteeing cost-effective and efficient trenching operations. The innovative 5-stage air filter system enhances the saw’s longevity, performance, and efficiency by ensuring pristine air intake and reducing maintenance intervals.
  • Ergonomic Excellence & Operator Comfort: Prioritizing operator well-being and efficiency, Makita’s EK8101 boasts an ergonomic design tailored for prolonged trenching sessions. This balanced construction minimizes operator fatigue, ensuring enhanced comfort, efficiency, and seamless operation. The incorporation of advanced vibration-dampening technology further amplifies the user experience, facilitating effortless and comfortable trenching endeavors.
  • Precision-Driven Adjustments: Elevate your trenching precision with the Makita EK8101’s quick-adjust belt and blade cover system. Designed to facilitate precise adjustments tailored to diverse trenching scenarios, this feature ensures every trench is executed with unparalleled accuracy, meeting project-specific requirements and exceeding expectations with ease.
  • Versatility, Portability & Safety: The Makita EK8101 harmoniously blends power, versatility, and safety. This well-balanced machine ensures operators navigate diverse terrains and tackle complex trenching tasks with unparalleled ease, versatility, and safety. Prioritizing operator comfort and safety, this machine guarantees optimal outcomes, irrespective of project complexity or terrain challenges.
  • Powerhouse Performance & Reliability: Experience the robust performance of the Makita EK8101 engine, boasting an impressive 4.5 kW output (equivalent to 6.1 HP). This powerhouse of an engine effortlessly tackles the most demanding trenching tasks, ensuring swift starts, seamless operation, and unparalleled reliability, courtesy of the decompression button facilitating effortless ignition.

Embrace the unparalleled power, precision, and efficiency of the GeoTrencher – 700mm Trencher – Makita EK8101, paired flawlessly with the 700mm long GeoTrencher trenching bar. This dynamic duo promises to revolutionize your trenching projects, ensuring optimal outcomes, reliability, and performance with every application. Trust in this powerful combination to exceed expectations, redefine trenching excellence, and elevate your trenching endeavors to unparalleled heights. With the GeoTrencher Makita EK8101, excellence isn’t just promised; it’s guaranteed.


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